Cream of the crop



A revolutionary new gel promises to help endurance athletes operate harder, and faster, for longer – because it stops dreaded muscle cramps.

The new supplement, which is rubbed directly into muscles, stops the build-up of painful lactic acid and is clinically proven to improve performance over time.

Currently, scores of top athletes and clubs in the US and the UK, including seven Premiership teams, are already reaping the benefits of the unique gel – and amateur athletes could soon be following suit.

The 100 per cent natural product, which contains muscle-saving magnesium, will soon be available online, and allows the wearer’s most-used muscles to get the oxygen boost they need in order to keep going.

The University of Kansas, trialled the product to the point where the Head of Football Strength and Conditioning Je’Ney Jackson said: “This product has changed the way my teams perform.

“The results were astronomical.

“Guys felt like they could run forever and were not sore the next day”

LactiGo contains natural compounds that already exist inside our bodies, meaning it passes any and all stringent drug tests.

However, LactiGo is applied directly to the skin and a far greater amount of carnosine/beta-alanine complex is absorbed into muscle tissue, and is quicker and more long-lasting, than traditional pill-forms.

LactiGo’s formulation also contains the mineral magnesium – known to boost endurance and muscle recovery time.

A scientific study conducted by Italian university Universita Degli Studi Di Pavia proved that footballers wearing socks coated in the gel experienced 300 per cent less muscle fatigue and 500 per cent fewer cramps over a 12-day trial.


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