Karl Maskill (right) and his friend Lee Kirtley. See SWNS SWCAR; A concerned friend who had only previously driven a “dune buggy” wrote off his pals £20,000 car as he attempted to move it out of the sight of a traffic warden. Karl Maskill, 22, caused chaos as he lost control of the Volvo 4×4 and smashed into three parked vehicles in Fulwell on February 27, Sunderland magistrates heard. Prosecutor Lee Poppett said Maskill got behind the wheel of the 63-reg Volvo when he spotted a traffic warden in Bower Street, while his friend had nipped to the post office. “Mr Maskill sees a traffic warden approach his friend’s vehicle and has taken it upon himself to move it round the corner,” Mr Poppett said. “Unfortunately, he did not have his friends permission, a driving licence or insurance

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