Coventry yob Billy Swain finally given ASBO for eight year reign of terror


A baby-faced teenaged yob has been handed an ASBO after making his neighbours’ lives a misery – for EIGHT YEARS.

Thug Billy Swain, 18, has been banned from entering six streets near his home for four years following a string of complaints from people living nearby.

Swain, who has broken at least one previous Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO), was told to ”grow up” by a judge.

The teenager admitted two counts of racially aggravated harassment and one of taking a bicycle without consent at Coventry Magistrates.

Swain was given a four year Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (CRASBO).

District Judge Ian Gillespie told him he faced five years in prison if he broke the order, warning him: ”Breach this one at your peril”.

Judge Gillespie said: ”You need to grow up. I hope by the time you are 22 you will have learned from these experiences and will know how to behave.

”You have been made subject to ASBOs in the past and you have broken them, so you know what to expect: the maximum penalty is five years in prison.

”Breach this one at your peril.”

Police appealed for a CRASBO after Swain was caught shouting racist abuse towards two men on October 31 last year near his home in Canley, Coventry.

Swain shouted at the first man who was looking out of a window and later threatened another man with a scaffolding pole.

One of his victims later told police: ”I am too scared to leave my address for fear of abuse and violence.”

On February 28 this year Swain and two others were caught riding bicycles which did not belong to them by cops.

As well as the CRASBO magistrates also banned Swain from meeting with four other troublemakers and was made subject of a 12-month community order to curb his addiction to alcohol and cannabis.

He was also ordered to pay £100 to each of his victims and pay costs of £85.

The court heard how jobless Swain first started causing problems in Canley when he was just ten years old.

Steve Millerchip, defending, said: ”My client has a dreadful list of previous convictions but there is a slowing down of offending.

”He was completely off the rails at one point but there is evidence of growing maturity.”

West Midlands Police officers handed out hundreds of posters around Canley urging residents to call 999 if they suspect Swain of breaking his CRASBO.

Magistrates banned Swain from entering Donegal Close, Glenrosa Walk, Penrose Walk, Thomas Sharp Street, Renfrew Walk, Kele Road, and the field bounded by Wolfe Road, Torrington Avenue and Charter Primary School, except when he needs to sign on each week at the job centre in Torrington Avenue.


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