Ian and Ann Clark are selling their possessions and house to sai

Ian and Ann Clarke’s house on the river Shep which is being sold to fund a sailing trip around the world. See MASONS story MNSAIL: A couple who have been talking about ditching their home and sailing round the world for the last 20 years – are finally set for life on the open water thanks to a change in pension rules. Ian, 50 and Ann Clarke, 54, are due to set sail next March in their 45-ft yacht they had built around four years ago after Ian’s dad told the couple ‘stop wasting time and get on with it,’ just before he died. And the couple, who announced plans in a local church newsletter this month, are selling off all their worldly possessions to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. They decided the get rid of their 28-ft sailer trailer they had had for years and had used for any family sailing holidays – and find a bigger boat to sail round the world in.

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