Couple marry after groom donates kidney to bride


A loving couple have got married – after the groom donated the bride his KIDNEY to save her life, it has emerged.

Devoted Mick and Viv Price tied the knot just three years after they underwent a life-changing transplant together.

Viv, 48, suffered a genetic disorder which lead to cysts forming on the kidneys causing them to become enlarged and stop functioning.

She became weaker and was placed on dialysis in early 2006 needing three hours of hospital treatment three times-a-week.

Viv underwent nine months of dialysis before doctors allowed her then boyfriend Mick to donate his kidney.

The operation was a success and the couple married on Saturday in front of family and friends after being together for eight years.

Viv, of Plymouth, Devon, said: ”It’s fantastic to have married him. I have his kidney and now I have his hand in marriage.

”We’ve been together 13 years and it’s just perfect. Everything is just right now.

”It was upsetting and exciting at the same time to have him make the donation. It’s really quite a thing for somebody to do for you.”

Mother-of-three Viv was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at the age of 40.

Mick, 51, a dock worker, said: ”The first time I went with her when she was having dialysis I just couldn’t stand seeing her that way.

”I’m just glad we could do the transplant. It’s saved her life. She’s worth it. It’s brought us back to a normal way of life and means we’ve been able to get married.”


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