Bin at Christmas 05012016

Paul Deacon, 49, and partner Sheena Rudy, 50, at the skip where they slept. A desperate couple who were booted out of their council flat after falling behind with the rent when they lost their jobs have been forced to live in a SKIP behind a pet shop. See NTI story NTISKIP. Former charity worker Paul Deacon, 49, and partner Sheena Rudy, 50, initially spent months living in a tent in a park after they ran out of money last June. But they moved into a filthy skip behind a pet shop over Christmas and New Year when heavy rain forced them to abandon their tent. As temperatures plunged to near freezing, the couple made a makeshift bed out of straw and hay thrown out by the store. The couple have been given temporary accommodation at a homeless shelter but today they face another night on the streets after reaching the maximum number of nights allowed at the centre. On Christmas Day the couple were forced to move into a metal Veolia skip with large plastic doors after breaking into it behind Natural World pet shop in Syston, Leics. Paul, who lost his job as an industrial cleaner at Walkers Crisps last January, said: “This time last year Sheena and I both had jobs and a home.

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