Luke Gutteridge who was taken to court after he accidentally dropped a piece of orange peel the size of a 10 pence coin. See MASONS story MNORANGE.An orange-faced council wasted taxpayer’s money taking a man court because he dropped a piece of ORANGE PEEL – the size of a 10 pence coin. Luke Gutteridge, 29, accidentally dropped the little piece of peel while eating the piece of fruit in the street. He was jumped on by an overzealous enforcement officer who handed him a £75 fine for littering. Luke, who had put the rest of the peel in the bin, swiftly picked up the rogue piece and apologised. But he was horrified when the worker refused to cancel the fine and said if he didn’t pay up he’d be taken to court. Determined to clear his name Luke, who has never even had a parking ticket, fought his case before magistrates in Stevenage – and won.

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