Cost effective travel ideas for the year ahead


Contrary to popular belief, travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways in which you can save money both before you go away and once you’re out on the road too. If you’ve got a limited budget and need to make sure you use your money as wisely as possible, then don’t worry; there are many ways in which you can make it work. You should never rule out seeing the world due to a lack of funds! To help you along the way, here are just a few cost-effective travel ideas for the year ahead.

Plan ahead

If you know when and where you want to go on your travels, then it can pay to plan ahead. There’s always the chance of finding yourself a last-minute deal, but the further in advance that you book, the more choice you’ve got when it comes to pricing, destination and accommodation. Spend time searching for the best deal and, if the right one isn’t there yet, set up email alerts so that you get notified as soon as there’s a price drop. It’s also worth planning as much of your schedule as possible before you go, so there aren’t any unexpected costs once you’re there.

Pack light

Wherever possible, it helps to pack as light as you can for any trip that you’re going on. Paying for hold luggage can get costly, especially if you go over your weight allowance. So, if you can, stick to just hand luggage. Buy lightweight baggage to allow yourself more leeway on the number of things you can take and remember, it can often be cheaper to buy things such as toiletries clothing when you’ve reached your intended destination.

Choose your location wisely

When deciding on whereabouts, exactly, it is that you want to stay, you can save yourself money by choosing your location wisely. Depending on what kind of destination you head to, you might think that you’ve found yourself a bargain hotel, when in actual fact you’re too far out from any of the local attractions and amenities, meaning you have to spend a fortune on taxis if you ever want to go anywhere. However, if you’re visiting a larger city, like the Big Smoke for example, you can benefit from booking cheap London hotels that aren’t smack bang in the centre, because good transport links across the city are so affordable and accessible.

Go all inclusive

There’s a really easy way to be cost effective when planning your main holiday to somewhere warm and faraway and that is, simply, by going all inclusive. With all inclusive, you know exactly what amount you’re paying up front and exactly what you’re going to get for that money. All your flights, accommodation and meals are included in the original cost of your holiday and, often, transfers and snacks are included too. All you need to do is save up a bit of spending money in case you fancy an excursion or a spot of souvenir shopping while you’re there.

Work as you go

If you’re planning on being away for longer than the duration of your average holiday, but you don’t want to be buying an early flight ticket home because you’ve run out of money, then why not consider working abroad to help fund your travels? Whether you get a job serving drinks at a busy bar, help out at a local farm, work at a summer camp or even get qualified to teach English as a foreign language, there are ways and means of keeping your bank account topped up as you go.

Being organised and sensible with your money means there’s no need to miss out on an unforgettable trip away this year. How do you plan on cutting costs for your next adventure?


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