Three cops disciplined after letting off burglar with a CAUTION


Three police officers have been disciplined after letting a burglar off with a CAUTION.

Monique Carson, 24, dialled 999 when Ireneusz Blaszczyk broke into her home and stole jewellery and cash.

Police tracked down the crook but decided not to refer him for prosecution and he was let go with a caution.

Essex chief constable Jim Barker-McCardle said he was ‘staggered’ when he heard of the decision.

He referred three officers to his force’s professional standards department for further action.

The case was also reviewed and Blaszczyk, 24, was charged with burglary at Ms Carson’s home.

He pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court this week and is due to be sentenced in January.

Documents released by Essex police and crime commissioner Nick Alston under the Freedom of Information Act revealed action has been taken against the officers.

The detective inspector, custody sergeant and another officer have received “management action” from a chief superintendent.

Essex Police said ‘management action’ would be recorded in an officer’s conduct file and could be taken into consideration in the future.

Ms Carson, a mother-of-one and hairdresser who lives near Chelmsford, welcomed the decision to discipline the officers.

She said: “We were burgled in the November and then did not hear he had been cautioned until the next March. It has taken a long time to be resolved.

“We did not want anyone to loose their jobs, that wouldn’t be fair. We just wanted them to learn from their mistake.

“Everyone is allowed to make a mistake. I understand that it was 3am in the morning and and it had been a long shift.”

Her partner electrician David Cable, 26, said: “I’m pleased it’s gone to court.

“In my eyes they’re the people that should be dealing with it – the police shouldn’t be making the decision themselves.”

Essex Police confirmed the three officers had been disciplined but refused to comment further.


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