Cop facing jail after flashing in a supermarket, corner shop and POLICE STATION

David Salsbury, a former Devon policeman, appears at Exeter Crown Court
David Salsbury, a former Devon policeman, appears at Exeter Crown Court
David Salsbury, a former Devon policeman, appears at Exeter Crown Court
David Salsbury, a former Devon policeman, appears at Exeter Crown Court

A former police officer is facing jail after he admitted exposing himself inside a supermarket, a corner shop and a POLICE STATION.

Motorbike cop David Salsbury, 39, deliberately exposed his genitals in a way likely to cause “distress and alarm” to the public, a court heard.

Salsbury committed his first offence inside the police station in Brixham, Devon, when he unzipped his leathers in the building’s lobby to reveal his manhood.

The pervert then repeated the vile stunt four months later twice on the same day at a Co-op supermarket and a convenience store while he was off-duty.

Salsbury was due to stand trial at Exeter Crown Court yesterday  but instead pleaded guilty to three charges under section 66 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Judge Jeremy Griggs adjourned sentence until May and ordered a psychological report. The offences carry a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

After hearing Salsbury’s eleventh-hour guilty plea Judge Griggs said: “It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to come to that decision at an earlier stage.”

He told the defendant: ” It’s an unusual case. On your plea of guilty you have been convicted of the first three charges.”

The court heard Salsbury was a serving office in Devon and Cornwall Police when he carried out the three offences between June and October 2012.

But after his arrest in March last year he resigned from his job and was dumped by his wife, who divorced him in September.

David Sapiecha, defending, said Salsbury may have committed the offences because of post traumatic stress disorder suffered as a result of his policing career.

He said admitting the offences had been “the most difficult decision in his life”.

Mr Sapiecha: “He has resigned from his position and is now divorced and is concerned with regard to contact with his children.

“There is evidence from his doctor that he has suffered from depression and post traumatic stress disorder with regard to events he witnessed and dealt with in his former position.”

Salsbury admitted exposing himself in a way which was likely to cause alarm and distress at Brixham Police Station on June 16, 2012.

He admitted the same offences at the Co-op in Kingskerswell and the Circle 8 store in Newton Abbot on the same day, October 14, 2012.

A fourth charge of exposing himself at a pet shop was discontinued.

Salsbury, of Kingskerswell, Devon, was released on unconditional bail ahead of sentencing on May 2.


  1. You can see the shame and embarrassment in the lad’s eyes….his job/reputation/marriage and access to his kids are all gone.YES,by his own fault i know,but in times like this people can do “something silly” and surely no one would want that,whatever one’s view of the police.I would like MORE detail….who made the complaints,why was nothing done after the first occurence at the station for example.Hope he’s fined,does NOT deserve prison.

  2. Think there should be a full enquiry into how he was allowed to carry on serving after being caught at the police station. Also whatever happens he needs to be on the sex offenders register. And how do we know it was only 4 times, these were just the ones he was caught at. Hope they are fully looking into his history as this is worrying that he was allowed to be a serving police officer for so long.

    • Further to your comment and my first one,although i don’t want to see the lad go to the nick i would like to know what happened to him as ALL attempts to discover what sentence ,if any,was passed in this matter have proved fruitless!.He was supposed to be sentenced at Exeter CC on Friday,2 May but his name did not even appear on the official “List”,as it is called.Does any reader of this comment know what happened to him?. I do hope we’re not getting some kind of cover-up here.


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