Convicted rapist used fake name to con mother into letting him babysit her children

Aaron Pescud (SWNS)
Aaron Pescud (SWNS)
Aaron Pescud (SWNS)

A convicted rapist used a fake name to trick a mother into a relationship while he was awaiting trial for indecently assaulting two underage girls – who let him babysit.

Aaron Pescud met the woman on a dating website using the pseudonym ‘Ryan Nelly’ in April 2014 before being jailed for five years.

Pescud, 33, formerly of Whitton, south west London, entered an eight-month long relationship with her after they met on the dating service ‘Scout’.

He told her that he owned bars and a villa in Spain, before moving into her home with her six-year-old daughter ‘after a few weeks’.

He admitted three counts of breaching conditions of the sex offenders register and had a year added to his current sentence, at Kingston Crown Court on Friday.

Pescud’s previous victims were both between the ages of four and ten at the time of the assaults, which took place between 1992 and 2001 – when Pescud was between 11 and 18 years old.

He took care of the woman’s daughter while she was at work, prosecutor James Dawes said.

He told his partner he was attending a Marks & Spencer training course in December 2014, when he was at Kingston Crown Court for his sentencing.

Dawes said: “The woman did not know any of this until the defendant’s mother told her.

“She has since been contacted by him.

“His presence is unwanted by her.

“He will not stop contacting her.”

Sentencing was previously adjourned from August 19 after Pescud refused to leave prison to attend court.

He also delayed sentencing for his 2014 conviction after he ripped off his electronic tag and claimed to have taken an overdose of drugs.

Judge Recorder Vanessa Francis also amended his sexual offenders order to prohibit him from contacting the woman in question or her daughter.

One of the counts Pescud admitted to relates to lying to police as to his whereabouts while on bail in 2014.

Judge Francis said: “She was totally taken in by the lies you told her.

“She trusted you and trusted you with her child during the day while she was at work.

“You are completely not worthy of that trust.

“After seeing post with your real name on it, you told her lies.

“You told professionals responsible for you lies about what you were doing.

“Please take this as a marker that you cannot behave like this for the rest of your life.”

Pescud had been – at the earliest – eligible for release in April 2017, but will now serve at least a further six months.

Defence counsel, Kieran Galvin, admitted Pescud had a ‘poor record’, but argued there was no evidence of sexual impropriety while Pescud was on bail.

Pescud was also sentenced to eight years in prison in 2003 after being found guilty of two charges of rape.


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