Convicted child rapist who posed as policeman to attack two schoolgirls in the space of one hour is jailed for LIFE

Apeldelrazek Badran
Apeldelrazek Badran
Apeldelrazek Badran

A convicted child rapist who posed as a policeman to attack two schoolgirls in the space of an hour was jailed for life today.

Apeldelrazek Badran, 33, had been released six months before the attacks after serving nine years for raping a nine-year-old girl.

He was locked up in 2003, released on license in 2009, recalled in 2011 and finally released again in July 2015 before the latest spree of sexually-motivated crimes against schoolgirls.

In the first attack on January 27 this year, Badran disguised himself as a policeman when he attacked an 11-year-old girl intending to sexually assault her, but she managed to escape.

An hour later, he tried to ‘arrest’ a vulnerable 12-year-old girl for shoplifting.

He lured her into an alleyway, threatened to ‘cut’ her with what she thought was a knife before sexually assaulting her.

During the attack the girl’s frantic mother, who was worried because her daughter hadn’t returned home, made panicky calls to her mobile.

Badran then took photos of the girl’s half-naked body on his phone, forcing her to smile and telling her that if she told anyone about the incident he would post the pictures online.

She managed to escape but dropped her mother’s bank-card.

When the terrified girl was eventually found by her mother she was “crying and shaking” and said, “it’s not my fault, I tried to escape”.

Police identified Badran before officers went to his home address half a mile away from where the two attacks took place.

The officer found the bank-card and a photo of his victim, which Badran had edited to include his own details of what happened for his own pleasure.

Badran was found guilty of one count of causing acutal bodily harm, battery with intent to commit a sexual offence, sexual assault by digital penetration, sexual touching and bank-card theft.

He was also found him guilty of a further two breaches of his sexual harm prevention order.

Jailing Badran yesterday (Tues) at Wood Green Crown Court, Judge Rosa Harwood-Smart QC said: “You fit the criteria of a dangerous offender.

“All these offences are serious and the girls have been deeply and probably permanently scarred by their experience and I am aware of the damage to them and their families as a result of your actions.

“The seriousness is such, that a determinate sentence is not appropriate, and I am sentencing you to life.

“You are very dangerous. Your behaviour is described as protracted and they say you pose a high risk towards children, and a high risk of reoffending.”

Judge Harwood-Smart sentenced Badran to life with a minimum term of eight years and four months in jail.

She added: “In 2003, you raped a nine-year-old girl while she was fishing.

“You persuaded her to come and play with you before you mercilessly raped her.

“You were released in 2011, but returned to jail after you chased another girl.

“She was older, but of diminutive stature.

“You were again release in 2015, and then in January of 2016, these offences took place.

“[The first victim] was returning from school when you chased and grabbed her.

“She escaped and you were captured on CCTV.

“Passers by were so alarmed by your actions that they made a note of your appearance.

“[The second victim] was returning home after shopping for school clothes.

“You posed as a police officer and told her she might have shoplifted.

“You took her into an alleyway and, in a protracted ordeal, digitally and orally assaulted her.

“The oral assault took place for four minutes, which you were perversely timing on your watch.

“You threatened her with what she thought was a knife and forced her to smile for photos, which were then edited and commented on by you.”

Badran gave no reaction while the sentence was passed, while his father, sitting in the public gallery, put his head in his hands.

Badran must serve at least eight years and four months’ of his sentence before any consideration will be given for his release. He was also given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Detective Constable Lee Ranson, who led the investigation, said: “Badran is one of the most dangerous offenders I have ever prosecuted and he posed a significant threat to young children.

“I am delighted with today’s sentence and we hope it sends out a clear message that people who commit this type of offence will be brought to justice.”

Detective Inspector Mark Rogers, of the Met’s Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: “Badran posed a serious threat to young girls and the streets are now safer with him behind bars.

“It is possible that he may have approached, and even attacked other children and I would urge them to come forward.

“We take all allegations of sexual offences incredibly seriously and have specialist officers on hand to speak with anyone who has been the victim of assault.”


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