Content marketing agency targets tech firms struggling with online exposure


A start-up agency is offer technology firms unique content for their online marketing campaigns.

Online articles and posts have proved one of the most effective ways of publicising companies online.

But unoriginal content and poorly written pieces mean firms often lack the critical exposure needed in search engines.

Attraction Marketing is now offering technology firms content management and creation services that are fully tailored to the tech industry.

Founded by Claire Hodgson, an experienced technology marketer with nearly 15 years of experience to her name, the agency is well placed to help technology companies as they try to keep pace with the ever changing, but essential, content marketing techniques required to stand out against their competitors.

The Attraction Marketing team pride themselves on their expertise in technology products and services and in offering affordable content marketing support.

This is ideal for SMEs and technology start-ups who often struggle to get the marketing support required to get them noticed alongside the larger players in their industry.

Claire said: ‘When it comes to content marketing, there are so many opportunities out there for technology companies.

‘Customers are crying out for advice and useful information on technology products and services, but many companies simply aren’t delivering, they are too focused on staying ahead with the products and services that they provide.

‘Many marketing departments are so busy trying to bring in leads through more traditional marketing channels that they just don’t have the time to focus on planning, executing, and measuring the results from a content marketing strategy.

‘That’s where we come in. Often we are contacted by an organisation’s existing marketing department and asked to provide support with content planning, creation, and marketing; we effectively become part of their existing department for as long as they need us.’

‘We focus on tech companies firstly because it’s my area of expertise, having spent nearly 10 years climbing the ranks of a global software provider’s in-house marketing department. Secondly, this industry needs help, especially when you get past the big players in hardware, software, and technology development, and down to the real bread and butter of the industry, start-ups and SMEs across technology development, reselling, consultancy, and services.’

Attraction Marketing is already working with growing technology suppliers and they have an ambitious growth plan in place for 2015.



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