Consistency measurement of in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry


paperOne of the leading measurement methods used for quality monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry is consistency measurement by means of a penetrometer. Using this method, involving small sample quantities and short analysis times, precise statements can be made as to the quality of the measured sample. The resulting penetration depth is a measurement for the consistency of the substance.

Ointments with a low consistency, for example, can be more thoroughly applied on the skin and more easily absorbed. On the other hand, a substance with a high consistency can be used to cover a wound effectively.

The white paper describes the test and details the validation procedures available for the pharmaceutical market.

Whether it involves the testing of raw materials, intermediates or final products, complete quality supervision and precise traceability of measurements are of utmost importance, especially for pharmaceutical products. Therefore a strong and reliable partnership between pharmaceutical companies and the manufacturers of measurement devices is indispensable. This partnership, successfully achieved with devices of the Anton Paar group, is additionally supported in the form of tailored qualification documentation.


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