NB Please legal – We believe that use of stills from this video along with the SWNS story SWCONMAN are not a breach of copyright under the fair dealing provision of the Copyright Act as long as they are credited to World Screen Group.

Selva Carmichael, Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton in a still from the trailer produced by Selva Carmichael and his fake company World Screen Group which conned Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton into thinking they were being filmed for a reality show. See SWNS story SWCONMAN; A conman duped a pair of Z-list stars into being followed by a camera crew for MONTHS – by convincing them he was filming a new reality show. Former Big Brother contestants Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton believed they were being filmed for ‘Lisa and Mario: Their Journey’ – a show that existed only in the mind of conman Selva Carmichael. Carmichael, also known as Silva Michael and Selva Narashiman, is being sued by an investor for more than £42,000, after it emerged his production company WorldScreen Group was a fake company. Bristol-based Carmichael, who was involved in a property scam ten years ago, also posed as manager of X Factor singer Chico Slimani – of ‘It’s Chico time’ notoriety.

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