Concerns for diabetic Brit stranded in Libya


The family of a diabetic Brit stranded in Libya today told of their concerns for his health and safety.

Concerns for diabetic Brit stranded in Libya

Mike Browne, from Taunton, Somerset, is held up in a compound with four other Brits and 40 Italians in the port town of Misratah, 150 miles from the capital Tripoli.

Health and safety worker Mike, 54, who was just one week into his dream job in Libya, is understood to have just four days worth of food and water and limited medication for his condition.

He is desperate to return to the UK but the roads are blocked and there is no possible route back to Tripoli.

Mr Browne’s sister-in-law Fiona Woolaston said: ”They’re stranded in an area where people are being killed. There’s gunfire all around and people are looting.

”They are being protected by the local tribes but it’s an incredibly sensitive situation which people are taking advantage off, that’s the most frightening thing.

”The Foreign Office is doing nothing to help them.

”While our people are doing nothing, the Italian Foreign Office have been brilliant. They arranged for a plane but it couldn’t land because there was no concrete on the runway.

”They’re only 30 minutes from the port – why can’t they get them from there?

”Clare (his wife) is beside herself with worry. They only married in November and she was planning to move out to Libya to start a new life with Mike.”


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