Comic superfan spent 18 months turning spare room into a BATCAVE


A comic superfan has spent 18 months turning his spare bedroom into — a BATCAVE.

Darren Wilson, 46, has been an avid Batman fan for more than two decades and wanted a fitting room for his £15,000 collection of comics and memorabilia.

Darren Wilson, 46, from Wiltshire, who has converted one of his bedrooms into a Bat Cave (SWNS Group)
Darren Wilson, 46, from Wiltshire, who has converted one of his bedrooms into a Bat Cave (SWNS Group)

He spent most weekends and evenings for a year-and-a-half transforming his spare room – with the support of his wife Catherine, 45.

He fitted wooden joists and mesh to hold ‘stalactites’ made from paper mache and covered it all in SIX shades of grey paint.
SWNS_BAT_CAVE_006Darren, a sculptor, also put in a mock pipe through the middle of the room to make his ordinary semi in Calne, Wilts., look like Bruce Wayne’s secret underground HQ.

He said: “I was doing the room as a computer room initially and it just came to me.

“People who see it are pretty amazed. We like to be different, but every other room is normal.

“It’s always nice and tidy in there with the effects of the rocks and granite just making a big talking point.

“It was a lot of hard work. The paper mache took the longest as it was two layers – that took a good year but it’s worth it now.”
SWNS_BAT_CAVE_011Darren has been collecting Batman memorabilia since the 1989 film and his collection includes 15 boxes full of thousands of DC Comics.

He also has a limited edition watch and two comics signed by Batman creator Bob Kane.
SWNS_BAT_CAVE_020He added: “Batman is only human not like the other superheroes so you can relate to him and he still manages to come out on top.” .

Darren said the transformation of his room cost less than £100 using newspapers collected by friends.

He visited tourist attraction Wookey Hole in Somerset to see what caves look and feel like to make his Batcave as realistic as possible.

The decoration is so detailed it includes white ripples to make the walls look like real stone.

Darren and graphic designer wife Catherine use the Batcave as their computer room.

He said: “It was partly her idea. But I’ve promised I won’t decorate any more rooms.”


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