Cold callers: They’re not zombies, they’re people too


We’re always trying to be sold something. You can walk down the high street and someone will appear trying to sell you their latest service or to encourage you to go to a certain bar, restaurant or club.

And then, of course, there’s the horror of cold calls – try and remember how many calls you’ve had in your life, with the person on the other end trying to sell you something like double glazed windows or cheaper insurance.

While some callers waste your time, others are there to genuinely try to offer people something of benefit to them. Everyone needs car insurance, and all homeowners have windows in their homes, so to an extent you can understand why these people call so often – part of the problem is just the time of day that they make the call, just when we’re sitting down to dinner or trying to watch the football, for instance.

When you look at it from the point-of-view of the people at the other end of the phone, it all makes perfect sense. They might be contacting you because you’ve bought a similar product or invested in a similar service previously and it might be approaching your renewal date or the end of your current contract – they’re not all like the zombies shown in the video that created recently!

You can see it for yourself or post it on your own blog to show that you emphasise with their problem, they’re not all bad.


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