Clearabee Study: Spice Up Your Love Life With Decluttering and Rubbish Removal


If you want to spark more romance with your partner, we have a sure fire solution for you!

Declutter and get the rubbish removal out of your home!

Recent research shows that out a messy cluttered home can negatively impact your sex life in two important ways. First, mess and clutter in the bedroom is reported as the number one turnoff, according to a survey commissioned by Clearabee. It just doesn’t set the right mood. Second, the same survey found that UK couples argue over messiness fifty-one times a year on average. Arguing interferes with foreplay and it makes couples go to bed angry with one another. This is not exactly conducive to a healthy sex life!

The research referenced above, a scientifically valid poll, was paid for by Clearabee, a leading rubbish removal company in the UK. However, the research itself was independently conducted by Opinium Research, a market research consultancy based in London, with a great deal of polling experience under their belt. It was based on a random sampling of 2000 UK adults in November 2017.

Here are some of the other fascinating facts to come out of this research poll:

– Arguments about clutter and mess are second only to arguments about money issues — and arguments about clutter are a close second to arguments about money, thirteen percent and fifteen percent respectively.

– In couples older than 55, arguments over messiness ranked number one.

– Couples living in Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Plymouth, and Southampton argued about messiness more than money too!

– Messiness was the number one turnoff in the bedroom, outcompeting other common turnoffs: holes in the sheets, too cold, too hot, and having the lights on too bright.

– Sixty-one percent of all people surveyed stated they argued with their partner about mess.

– Only thirteen percent of those surveyed stated they decluttered their home at least once a week.

What romantic tips can we glean from this research?

If you have been looking for ways to get your partner in the mood more often, or you’ve been hoping to rekindle the exciting romance you once had, this research gives you a practical solution! If you work on eliminating mess, clutter, and rubbish removal, there’s a good chance you’d improve the romance with no other action. It’s at least worth the effort to try! Consider it a worthwhile “experiment!”

Give this some thought. Why do you think some of the most epic romantic encounters occur in hotel rooms? You and your partner walk in and everything is perfectly clean and tidy! The bed is made and the room is clutter free! There’s no rubbish removal to contend with and no worries about waste removal in the mind of one or both partners! A clean, well organized, non-cluttered bedroom sets the mood for romance!

Are you one of those people who tend to have a big pile of laundry in your bedroom, or perhaps dirty socks strewn about? Maybe you’re one of those people who carry work home and your bedroom is a cluttered mess with work papers spread out everywhere? Maybe you just don’t have anywhere else to store all those extra boxes and extra suitcases from the last move you made? While you may not mind living this way, to your partner, the messiness may be like a big bucket of ice cold water when it comes time for romance!

Here’s another common scenario couples often face. Company is coming over and you’re both in an extreme rush to clean up. Since your company is most likely headed to your living room, den, dining room, kitchen, and guest bathroom, these are the rooms you focus on. There’s really no time to sort through the mess and send items to the rubbish removal bin! So, what happens? You run it back to the master bedroom to get it out of sight for the company. Later, when the company leaves, and you and your partner are ready for some quality “alone time,” what happens? You head back to the now extra cluttered bedroom only to have your thoughts of romance subdued!

If you want to spice up your love life, something must give on the clutter and rubbish removal! Consider planning a special surprise romantic weekend or perhaps a special anniversary celebration with your partner. When you do, decluttering your personal space, especially the bedroom, might be the perfect prelude. Of course, a few rose petals, dark chocolates, and champagne wouldn’t hurt either 😉

If you need some help, let Clearabee send cupid your way! This green rubbish removal service is well regarded and offers same day or next day professional service at a more than fair price. Just give them a call when you’re ready. When the Clearabee team arrives, they work quickly and efficiently, and make every effort to take your rubbish to a waste removal partner that will recycle or reuse it, rather than sending it to a landfill. So, you can help save the planet and put a little romantic magic in the air all at the same time!


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