Christina Staggs, a super-slimming mum who has gone from fatty to fitty after she lost a whopping 11 STONE in just 16 months – because she wanted to look like her idol ANGELINA JOLIE. Refer to NTI story NTIFIT. Gorgeous Christina Staggs, 26, tipped the scales at 22 stone after
gorging on sweets, chocolate bars and ice cream following the birth of her second son. But she decided to go on a diet after a stranger told her she bared an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie. She joined Slimming World in April 2010 and by August this year she had shed a staggering 11 stone and went from a lardy size 24 to a trim size 8. Christina, who has three sons Dimitris, eight, Andreas, six and two-year-old Theo, now weighs 10 stone 9lbs and is regularly stopped in the street by people who mistake her Brad Pitt’s stunning wife. (Photo: Anita Maric / newsteam).

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