Chris Evans left terrified after bob skeleton track run


This is the moment terrified radio presenter Chris Evans raced down the bob skeleton track where Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams trained for her historic win.

The DJ sped down the track at Bath University in Somerset on Wednesday as part of a competition between him and sports reporter Jonny Saunders.

The pair take on a different sporting challenge every week for Chris’ Radio 2 show and were given bob skeleton advice by Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams.

They finished their runs in times of 7.217 and 7.095 seconds, with the winner due to be revealed on Chris’ radio show.

Chris, 44, said: ”Today has been amazing, this bob skeleton track is wicked. It is so scary going headfirst down the track, as you go so fast.

”When you are at the top the thought of launching yourself down the track is very nerve-racking. Amy is brilliant and the whole team here at Bath University are amazing.

”If you’d have told me I’d be doing this when I was in junior school, staring out of the window and wondering what to do with my life, I would have sent for the men in white coats to take you away.”

Chris and Jonny dressed in full lycra body suits and helmets for three practice attempts before completing their timed run.

So far the duo have completed 14 sporting challenges, with Chris winning six and Jonny eight.

Olympian Amy, 27, who lives in Bath, Somerset, said: ”They both did really well and surprised me. It’s been such a fun day, and I have enjoyed teaching them both.”


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