Choosing Commercial Solicitor for your Startup


For most of the people in the United States of America choosing a solicitor for your business is nothing less than a headache.

An unprofessional solicitor can be a disaster for you and your business as well. People hesitate when there comes the question of hiring a solicitor. It is commonly believed that the fee the lawyer charges is way more than the benefits received.

In the United States of America, hiring a solicitor is quite expensive. Being the owner of a startup, you can’t afford to hire a solicitor because of the heavy fee they charge to the client.

For startups, business is not the bed of roses; they face several challenges with every new sunrise.

They face various issues, and most of the times the issues are the legal issues.

A layman or even a common businessman doesn’t have much knowledge about the laws and procedures. So it will never be a bad idea to hire a commercial solicitor to deal all such law related business matters.

Finding the right commercial lawyer for your business or a commercial solicitor is very important for the startups for various reasons.

There are lots of issues where you will need the assistance of a professional and expert commercial lawyer.

Some of such matters are listed below for your ease:

Choosing the Form of Business

Before you start any business, even before you choose any name for your business, you must decide what type of business you are going to run.

You should decide whether your company is going to be an association of person, i.e., a partnership firm or a public company, not-for-profit organization or just a limited liability company (LLC).

If you can’t decide, get the help from a commercial solicitor who may guide you which will be best for you.

Name and Registration

A business name is a unique identity.

A name must be chosen very carefully as your business is going to be called or remembered by the name you are going to choose.

But keep it in mind that choosing a name is not as simple as choosing a name for your kids.

There may be two or more kids of the same name even in the street, but this is not the case when you choose a name for a registered company.

You must make sure that the name you were chosen is not already underused or reserved by any other similar business which is also offering the similar services.

A commercial solicitor can play with the tricks and tweaks so you may choose the name of your choice but with little modifications.

Company Registration

Company registration is a bit tricky process.

The government has tried its best to make it simpler to encourage startups, but still, it requires you to have good knowledge about the process and the legal requirements if you are going to register your company by yourself.

It’s better to hire a commercial solicitor for the registration process so you may invest your energies somewhere else.

Misc Contracts

When a business starts, it enters into several contracts like lease contracts, sale and purchase contracts, employment contracts with the new employees, and many more.

You may not be aware of technical and beneficial terms of all these contracts, but a commercial solicitor is. So better to get the services of an expert commercial solicitor to draft all such contracts for your benefits.


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