Chip shop owner stopped plans for rival shop… after giving his customers 2,000 half price meals


A chip shop owner thanked his customers who successfully objected to plans to open a rival – by giving away 2,000 half price fish suppers in one night.

Gutted John Iacono, 53, was fuming when he found out someone had applied to turn a neighbouring empty store into a chippie.

But loyal locals began lodging objections to the plans with the local council and the proposals were eventually rejected.

John then offered to thank his customers with a discount dinner – and more than 1,000 families – around 2,000 people – queued up for a half price supper.

John, who has run The Southdown Fish Bar in Bath, Somerset, for 19 years, said: “We felt this would be the best way of thanking people.

“We were just so touched by the way they had responded to it. We were very, very busy. They were queuing down the street.

“We have been established a long time and the young people around here, we have seen them grow up.”

Bath and North East Somerset Council ruled the shop would affect the “vitality and viability” of the local area.


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