Chinese man dies after three-day internet gaming binge


An unnamed Chinese man collapsed and died after a three-day internet gaming binge in which he did not sleep or eat.

Chinese man dies after internet gaming binge

The Beijing Times reports that the 30-year-old was online at an internet café when he slipped in to a coma on Monday evening.

According to witnesses the man, who had barely moved from his computer in three days, was taken to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

He is alleged to have been a compulsive internet addict who had managed to spend over 10,000 yuan (around £1000) on online gaming in the past month.

Police confiscated several computers from the scene but are not treating the incident as murder and have not detained the café’s owners.

Internet addiction is a serious problem in China, where it was made an official disorder in 2008.

It is thought to affect more than three million people across the country and several specialist clinics have been set up to treat addicts.

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