Cheryl Cole lands £10 million US X Factor judge job


Cheryl Cole is set to be transformed in to a global superstar after landing her dream job on the US X Factor judging panel alongside Simon Cowell.

Cheryl Cole lands £10 million US X Factor judge job

According to The Daily Mail, a source has confirmed that the 27-year-old Geordie beauty has been offered the job with other reports claiming she will sign a £10 million contract next week.

Doubts were cast over Cheryl’s American dream earlier this month when it was reported that bosses at US TV network Fox were unconvinced as to whether she was famous enough for a place on the panel.

They were also said to be concerned as to whether American audiences would struggle to understand her trademark accent.

The full panel line-up is due to be announced next week. Meanwhile, Simon launched the show in the States with a 30-second advert during last night’s Super Bowl.

Costing an estimated $3 million, the clip shows X Factor ‘X’ symbols floating through the air before forming into Simon Cowell, with the words ‘He’s back’ appearing behind him.

A second advert will be aired in the States tonight.


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