Cher Lloyd laughs off ‘Gypsy’ bullying


X Factor’s Cher Lloyd has laughed off mean internet comments mocking her gypsy heritage.

Cher Lloyd laughs off ‘Gypsy’ bullying

The 17-year-old rapper, whose mother’s family are romany travellers, was last night on the receiving of cruel twitter taunts sparked by Channel 4 documentary series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

Yesterday’s episode of the hit show, which aims to give insight in to the closely-guarded gypsy community, touched upon the low life expectancy of travellers due to poor health care.

One Twitter user wrote: “Gypsy life expectancy is 50. That probably means we have another 33 years of Cher Lloyd.”

Another posted: “Ho I swear I just seen half ur fam on channel 4” and another said: “Shouldn’t you be preparing for your big fat gypsy wedding?”

But Cher took the insults on the chin, replying: “Keep chuckin those gypsy comments in, I’ll tarmac ya drive and trim ya hedges for ya if ya like? No shame in me :L”

The teenage pop star is currently working on her debut album with hip-hop producers The Runners and RedOne.


  1. Im A Gypsy All My Life Ive Had To Put up wiv people calling my names like pikey gypo , dirty gypsy…and in time ive got used to it and now a days if people say to me “u….pikey” i just say “and wt? im proud off it and im proud of wt i am too jog on” i never get down about it coz wts the point and if i did i’ll olny be lowwering my self to there standeds x

  2. think cher lloyd is amazing, ever since i seen her perform her song ‘turn my swag on’ on the x-factor i was a fan… shes so young and people forget that.. who cares if she is a gypsy or not? shes got a lot of talent and she is obviously proud of it..  well done cher your doing so well and i love how you stick up for yourself 🙂


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