Cher hounded by angry Cher Lloyd fans after admitting she’s never heard of starlet


Cher Lloyd’s fans seem to have taken on her trademark attitude – they’ve been Twitter-hounding legendary singer Cher after she admitted to never having heard of the X Factor star.

Cher hounded by angry Cher Lloyd fans after admitting she’s never heard of starlet

The screen and music icon became the target of angry tweets after asking “Who or what is Cher Lloyd?” on the social networking site.

The pint-sized rapper’s army of fans seemed unaware of Cher’s six decade career, Oscar and Golden Globe, and attacked the icon for being “less famous” than the Malvern teen because she has less Twitter followers.

Blogger Perez Hilton jumped to Cher’s defence, writing: “There is only one @Cher! And then there is @CherLloyd!”

The 64-year-old was so taken aback by the ferociousness of British teens that she eventually issued an apology.

She wrote: “Ok, got Cher Lloyd. Guess I live in a cave. No disrespect meant!”

Cher Lloyd, who is currently performing on the X Factor tour, made no comment on the whole matter.


  1. Cher Lloyd & her fans owe the only Cher an apology. Cher, the 60ish one, is prob too busy to keep up with everything. So, she didn’t know who Cher Lloyd is? I don’t really either, other than knowing she pops up on all my Cher alerts that i wanted for the one & only Cher! She maybe can sing, i don’t know or haven’t listened. But no one needed to be rude to Cher. Take a lesson from Cher: apologize & be humble.

  2. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to be British! The name Cher conjurs up the lengendary American singer/actress who has been around longer than Cher Lloyd has been alive!

  3. Are people supposed to know who Cher Lloyd is? I didn’t know who she was till just now. Cher is the queen of shoop shoop! She shouldn’t be expected to know the names of all her wannabe namesakes.

  4. Oh Lordy. This is just too much.
    Because a superstar like CHER is honestly expected to care about spotty rapping chavs covered in half of Superdrug?
    Of course. I forgot that’s part of the job. -.-


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