Chef whose possessions were loaded into wrong car recovered – then STOLEN


The possessions of a chef which were loaded into the wrong car by her hapless flatmate were recovered – before being STOLEN.

Unlucky Faye Pounder was ”so happy” when she received a call from police to say a man had found her belongings in a ditch near to a police station in Bristol.

She was even more delighted when police read back a list of items recovered to her – as almost every item had been found.

But by the time a PCSO went to recover the property all that remained was one shoe, a tax disc and a few items of clothing stuffed into a plastic bag.

Faye, 25, who is now living in Penzance, Cornwall, with fiancé Ali Walker, 31, said she could not believe the way everything had turned out.

She said: ”I was so happy when I got the original call through and when she read through the list the majority of it was there, it was just perfect.

”But then when the PCSO called later she told me that when she got there to pick up the stuff she only had a few items.

”I just can’t believe people. Who steals someone’s stuff from a ditch? Who puts it there in the first place? I don’t understand why they couldn’t have handed it in.

”The worst thing is that someone took the time to rifle through my bags and take what they wanted.

”They left one shoe which is hardly any help. There was a tax disc there too but police say they will bin it if we don’t get it in 24 hours, which is impossible.”

Faye’s belongings were originally lost when hapless flat mate Paul Robbins, 26, a DJ from Bristol, loaded them into the wrong car – which was then driven off.

The mix-up happened when he mistook an unlocked silver Citeron Xsara Picasso for Faye’s white car, also a Citeron Xsara Picasso, on Monday at 1pm.

Chef Faye and her fiancé, bar man Ali, waited for the car to return but were forced to drive to Cornwall – where they are living with Faye’s mum – empty handed.

Faye claims she was called by a PCSO at 8pm on Wednesday, who read out a list of items recovered near the St Paul’s area of Bristol.

She then received a call at 10pm from the same officer, who went through the items recovered – which consisted of just a tax disc, one shoe and a few clothes.

Faye added: ”I would like to know what time the police had the call that my things had been found and what time it was that it was recovered.

”The only things left had been stuffed into a clear plastic bag so the person taking them had taken their time to filter everything.

”Things that are worthless to them are priceless to us, it is just heart

A spokeswoman for Avon and Somerset police said Faye’s file had been closed as it was classed as lost property and not a crime.

She said: ”We recieved a report of lost property at around 1.30pm on Monday 4th October.

”At this stage we cannot say whether the property has been recovered.”


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