Cheeky sheep charge into Boots ‘farmacy’


This is the moment five cheeky sheep charged along a busy High Street – and popped into Boots to pick up some baa-gains.

Cheeky sheep charge into Boots 'farmacy'

The flock was being led through Glastonbury, Somerset, by the town’s freemen as part of the annual Wool Festival.

But they managed to break free and charged into the nearby pharmacy, where they knocked a number of items off shelves before being escorted back onto the street.

Local photographer Jason Bryant, 38, said: ”Everyone was a bit shocked to see a herd of sheep run inside Boots while they were doing their shopping.

”It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.”

When the flock of sheep eventually reached the bottom of the road, one of them was shorn with locals spending the next five hours turning the wool into a shawl.


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