Charlie Sheen’s house raided by “awesome” police


The Charlie Sheen Show just keeps on rolling and now, in the latest installment, police have raided his Los Angeles mansion searching for guns and ammunition.

Charlie Sheen’s house raided by ‘awesome’ police

Charlie later used his Twitter account to describe the raid as “awesome”.

According to gossip site, cops entered the property last night after receiving a phone call claiming the actor was threatening to harm himself.

LAPD officials confirmed they wrapped up their search at around half ten and did not arrest Charlie.


The ‘troubled’ star, whose bizarre behaviour has seen him go from the highest paid actor on American TV to internet sensation/ laughing stock in a matter of weeks, praised the police on Twitter.

He wrote: “The LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! They can protect and serve this warlock any time!!”

His lawyer Mark Goss told TMZ that police found one rifle “from the 1800s” and “a few” bullets.

Under the terms of the restraining order filed against him by estranged wife Brooke Mueller, Charlie is not allowed to possess weapons.

In other Sheen-related news, the actor is launching a $100 million unfair dismissal lawsuit against the producers of his old sitcom, Two and a Half Men, and its creator Chuck Lorre.

Charlie, who was fired from the show after launching in to a series of bonkers rants about Lorre, is demanding to be paid for eight episodes.

In typical style he babbled away on Twitter about the case, saying: “#Fastball; Torpedo away… You corporate trolls were warned. And now you’ve been served!”

Before his spectacular meltdown, Charlie was receiving almost $2 million per episode of the CBS sitcom.

His gradual descent into media circus clown began when he was arrested for trashing a New York hotel room last October.

His sitcom was initially put on hiatus in January when he was rushed to hospital after a mammoth bender.

It’s not yet known who will replace Charlie on the show – one of the most popular on US TV – although Rob Lowe has been touted as a possibility.



  1. “cops entered the property last night after receiving a phone call claiming the actor was threatening to harm himself”

    Anonymous phone call, no doubt, like all of these things are… I for one would not call LAPD “awesome” ever

  2. Meh. the show would be better if (in the show not real life) Charlie died in a wreck. Then the two remaining ones could move in with the mother. Following which the internet will implode and Charlie Sheen will ride off on Harry Potter’s broom while singing Jingle Bells.

  3. Is this the same LAPD that did the cicus chase after O.J.? and messed up the evidence in OJ’s trial? Sheen must be nuts.


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