Charlie Sheen rushed to hospital with stomach pains caused by hernia


Charlie Sheen has been rushed to hospital with a ‘hernia’ shortly after hosting a wild party at his Los Angeles home.

Charlie Sheen rushed to hospital with ‘stomach pains’ caused by hernia

The bad boy actor was taken away in an ambulance at 7am local time after he began experiencing extreme stomach pains. It is believed he was hosting a party at his Mulholland Drive mansion.

His spokesperson Stan Rosenfield told CNN: “Charlie has had a hernia condition for some time. I was told by the person who made the 911 call that it was hernia-related.”

The incident is the latest in string of dramas for the Two and a Half Men star.

He was hospitalised in October after being found naked by police in a trashed New York hotel room.

Then earlier this month he was reported to have embarked on a three-day bender with a group of porn stars in Las Vegas.

Sheen is US TV’s highest-paid star – earning a staggering $2 million for each episode of Two and a Half Men


  1. I only found this article just now, due to researching about abdominal hernia’s. He could have died if he wasn’t taken to hospital. Unforunately, I’ve suffered with the same hernia problems a few times, and never knew it could be fatal, until now. What’s the rectum got to do with a hernia? What you’re saying is he has to have put something up there to have this condition? I never have, so I don’t understand. It’s a lump of stomach muscle that pops out, when there’s a hole/weakness of muscle in the body. If mine and his stomach’s are becoming this weak, I dread to think what may happen next. I can’t pretend it isn’t happening. I lost my appetite, too. The pain is too extreme. Always phone an ambulance, not the dr, with this condition. It’d be easier dying when you get the pains.


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