Charlie Sheen: “I want to party with Boris Johnson”


Charlie Sheen has named Russell Brand, Amy Winehouse and – bizarrely – London mayor Boris Johnson as his dream UK party pals.

Charlie Sheen: “I want to party with Boris Johnson.”

The Hollywood hellraiser took a shining to the Tory politician after spotting a picture of him during an interview with The Sun

He asked the reporter: “Who’s that guy? He looks like he drops a few pints now and again. I want to hang with him.”

When asked what he and the fluffy-haired toff would chat about, Charlie joked: “His untimely death.”

The troubled actor, 45, also earmarked Russell Brand, Amy Winehouse and John Terry as potential partners for one of his legendary benders.

He said of Russell: “He’s a mad genius. He’s a gift to all things galactic and extraordinary. He’s got liquid magic.

“You don’t speak to him, you just absorb him. He really doesn’t care what people think – but they think he’s awesome and they’re right.

“He’s awesome every second of every day because he’s a winner.”

He also confessed that he admired 27-year-old Amy’s hard-partying ways, saying: “Amy Winehouse was pretty radical. She was partying Charlie Sheen.

“Didn’t she win 90 Grammys the night she was banned? That was like, wow. F*** you. That was huge.”

Former England Skipper John also got the thumbs-up from the former Two and a Half men star.

Charlie said: “He’s radical. I wouldn’t f*** with him.”

The actor’s spectacular public meltdown has seen his hit sitcom cancelled after he publicly slated its producers.

But he has continued to shock and entertain fans with his constant media interviews and Twitter ramblings.

Last week he entered the Guinness Book of Records for reaching one million followers on the site in the shortest-ever space of time.



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