Charlie Sheen beats Sarah Palin in US presidential poll


Watch out America – Charlie Sheen has beaten both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama in a mock US presidential election poll.

Charlie Sheen beats Sarah Palin in US presidential poll

The Wall Street Journal found that, when faced with a choice of Sheen and Palin, democrat voters chose the headline-grabbing actor over the former Alaskan governor by 44-24.

And when republican voters were faced with a hypothetical Sheen v Obama election, America’s favourite trainwreck emerged as the 37-28 favourite.

Even worse, when those describing themselves as politically independent were polled, Charlie was still winning (duh) over Palin with a 41-36 majority.

Funnily enough, Charlie is currently looking for a new job after being sacked from his sitcom Two and a Half Men.

If the hellraiser was residing in the White House he could definitely deliver some amusing speeches.

He’d also be the first president with TWO first ladies.



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