It’s Charing Chomp as a ‘dinosaur’ is unleashed on the tube

The giant reptile was careful to mind the gap

Terror stalked the London Underground this morning, but most commuters failed to notice.

A huge Tyrannosaurus Rex was unleashed on the Tube to promote the launch of new TV series Primeval: New World.

The giant reptile was careful to mind the gap

Thankfully for the millions who pass through Charing Cross Station every day, while using the world’s most iconic subterranean railway, the extinct reptile was created by clever camera trickery.

One commuter said: “I couldn’t believe it when I walked onto the platform and saw the giant T-Rex stomping up and down.

The giant beastie was created to celebrate the launch of new TV show Primeval: New World

“I had to do a double take! It definitely made my morning commute more interesting and was a talking point when I got into the office.”

The series, which starts tonight on Watch, follows a specialised team of animal experts and scientists who discover dinosaurs and other dangerous predators emerging onto the streets of modern-day Vancouver through strange anomalies in time.

Thankfully, the huge dinosaur was only a computer generated image

The unmissable Canadian spin-off to the lauded British series features 16 impressive land, sea, sky and sand creatures across 13 gripping hour-long episodes.



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