Home Business Champrix B.V. to attend international poultry trade fair VIV Turkey

Champrix B.V. to attend international poultry trade fair VIV Turkey

The VIV Turkey trade fair in 2013
The VIV Turkey trade fair in 2013

Animal food supplier Champrix B.V. has announced that it will this year take part in leading international poultry trade fair VIV Turkey.

VIV Turkey aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between Turkish Poultry sector professionals by creating an international network platform that will foster development for all parties. It is the leading international trade fair of its kind in the region and is recognized throughout the sector as the sole International Poultry Trade Fair of Turkey.

Champrix’s team of experts has extensive understanding of the nutritional needs of poultry at each life stage. They offer poultry feed products that can help optimize flock production. They offer products that help maximize flock profitability and improve business efficiency as a result.

The VIV Turkey trade fair in 2013
The VIV Turkey trade fair in 2013

Their products include a premix for poultry feed which is a mixture of functional ingredients and additives for poultry feed. At the trade fair they will have an additional stand showing off the best feed additives for chicken feed. Champrix poultry feed will support better gut health to ensure quality poultry products.

A Champrix spokesman said: ‘Shipping products world-wide, our operation enables us  to quickly develop specific animal feed ingredients that fit needs while maintaining a high-quality standard.

‘We can compose a range of products that will be shipped in one container, which saves the customer considerable amount of time and effort. Ever-vigilant on the footprint they leave on the eco-system, we are committed to providing premixes, protein concentrates, feed additives and milk replacers that improve performance without increasing the burden on natural resources.’

The company says it improves human health by using products that result in improvement of animal health so they will need less medication. They are constantly working on improvement of feed-to-food conversion that will lead to a decrease of minerals and CO2 output, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

VIV Turkey 2015 will be held in Istanbul from June 11-13. The event is organized by HKF Trade Fairs and is a member of the VIV World Wide Exhibitions owned by VNU Exhibitions Europe in the Netherlands and was honored on June 10 – 13, 2004 as 22nd WPCA World Congress Exhibition and on August 2005 25 – 27 as 14th World’s Veterinary Poultry Congress Exhibition.



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