Champion juggler struck off teaching register


A world record-breaking juggler and maths teacher who slapped a female student’s thighs during a lesson in circus tricks has been struck off.

Champion juggler struck off teaching register

Pervy Benjamin Beever, 34, also bragged to students about fathering a female teacher’s baby and asked another pupil if her mother or sister was single.

He also screamed ”bollocks” at an IT assistant and grabbed a terrified 11-year-old boy by the wrist.

In 2008 he broke the world record for juggling 19 balls between two people at the European Juggling Convention in Karlsruhe, Germany.

On Monday he was found guilty unacceptable professional conduct at a disciplinary hearing General Teaching Council (GTC) in Birmingham.

He was struck off the teaching register and banned from re-registering for a minimum of two years.

Beever was working as a maths teacher at Knutsford High School, Cheshire, when he approached the girl in May 2006.

He was taking an after-school Juggling Club when he slapped the girl on the thighs and rubbed her stomach.

The panel heard Beever admitted rubbing her stomach ”to comfort her” and touching the upper part of her legs.

Beever was also accused of tickling the girl under the arms and her boobs but these allegations were not proved by the hearing.

On July 2, 2009 he grabbed a Year 7 student by his wrist and pushed him.

A similar incident also happened in June 2007 when he ”forcefully took hold of a Year 8 student’s wrist”.

In December 2007, Beever was ”aggressive and intimidating” towards an IT technician and used the word ”bollocks” in a ” ‘ row over his laptop.

Chairman of the panel Sashi Sivaloganathan told Beever: ”You failed to put the wellbeing, development and progress of children and young people first.

”You failed to establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries in your relationships with children and young people.

”We believe that you are a genuine and honest person. We cannot find though that you have shown sufficient insight into the allegations we have considered.

”You have repeatedly sought to blame others for your failings and are not in tune with the standards required of today’s teaching profession.”

The panel also ruled that Beever acted ”inappropriately” by allowing students ”to climb and jump off a climbing wall without protective equipment”.

Beever was cleared of bragging to students that he was in a relationship with another member of staff.

Ms Sivaloganathan said: ”We have accepted that this comment was made by students rather than you, and we have no direct evidence that you made any comment in this regard.”

Beever, from Knutsford, Cheshire, has 28 days to appeal the decision.


  1. Sandra Bullocks!

    I think some high school kids need to get pushed around a little, to tell the truth. But touching that girl is ridiculous.

    • shocking how readily so called “journalists” nowadays use inaccurate and distorted information only to get a few clicks… sad world!

  2. He was playfully trying to cheer up a girl who was lying on some gym equipment, to put this in context. The gtc are trying really hard to justify their own existence with this case!

  3. this teacher was vile he was my tasc curriculum teacher in year 7 & 8 and continously put me in detentions and asked girls to bend down and to pick his pen or pencil up so he can see the view aboslute creature!!

  4. he was never my teacher but he spoke to me alot out side of lesson and lived near me, he offered me a lift to school once but i said no and when i got home that day he added me on fb, because i was young i accepted but after looking threw his friend list to find out other teachers first names so i could go in to school and tell my friends i then deleted him now im older i see that a teacher should never add a student on fb !

  5. i never had him as a teacher but he spoke to me alot out side of lessons he lived near me to, he offered me a lift to school once and as i was a year 8 i new that was wrong so i said no thanks, later that day he added me on fb being young i accepted because i wanted to look at his friend list to find out other teachers first names and tell me friends i very quickly deleted him as he popped up on chat and that was that it was never spoken about.

  6. Ahaha, Beever <3 Some of the above comments are a bit sad, he was a good teacher, I get the feeling the article is rather out of context


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