Celeste Smith : Shoulder Tattoo Could Hold Secret To Disappearance Of ‘Pregnant’ Teen

Celeste Smith.
Celeste Smith.
Celeste Smith.

Police hunting a missing teenager are visiting coordinates – which appear in her TATTOO.

Celeste Smith, 19, was last seen on Tuesday after discovering she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby.

She was going home to have a bath but never made it and told her mum she would be staying out overnight.

Her pals have since revealed that she had just found out she was expecting her first child – after recently splitting after a short fling.

Her mother Julie, 52, said today (Mon) that police have now been investigating the co-ordinates tattooed on her shoulder in the hope of finding her.

Celeste, of Saltash, Cornwall, has the grid reference for the picturesque Readymoney Cove in Fowey inked on her left shoulder.

Julie revealed: “As a child, we would take Celeste down there.

“It was one of her favourite places. She had the coordinates tattooed on her shoulder.

“The police have been down there and they have done searches and haven’t found anything. We just hope to god she is not outside in the elements.”

Facebook - Missing Celeste Smith.
Facebook – Missing Celeste Smith.

Mother-of-two Julie added: “We are fluctuating from feeling utter despair to hopelessness to being hopeful we will see her. It’s a wide range of emotions.

“We will support her with whatever issues she wants to deal with. Her family love her and are here for her and we just want her home. We are behind her 100 per cent.

“I have always had an idea of where she is. She has never gone missing like this ever.

“She is always mindful to keep me in the loop.”

Julie, who works as a therapist, said that she had met Celeste’s latest boyfriend – who the teen recently split with – but would not reveal more about him.

She said: “I met him before. He seemed to be a nice lad.

“On Tuesday a friend came forward and said, ‘do you know she is pregnant?’

“Prior to that, we had not had any information about that. Some of her friends are saying she was, others are saying they are not sure.

“It’s still speculation – no one can verify that detail with her.

“We are all utterly baffled because it’s so out of character for her to disappear like this.”

Celeste Smith with friend James Johnson.
Celeste Smith with friend James Johnson.

Celeste stepfather, Jim Kelly, 59, said he was hoping for the best but added there was “nothing solid” police could work with.

He added: “We have heard nothing at all.

“We want to hope for the best but what can you do? The police have for no starting point, nothing solid that they can work from.

“She has got friends and she stays out with people but we always know where she is. She tells us exactly what’s going on.

“She lives on her phone. She uses it for Facebook, to talk to friends and to listen to music. The worrying thing is she has not been on the phone since Tuesday. That’s a big worry.”

He added that he knew very little about Celeste’s former boyfriend – who reportedly got her pregnant.

“He came to the house once and said hello. It was a very short relationship – they were only together four weeks.

“She was upset when they split up. I didn’t think much of it because those relationships come and go.

“None of us knew she was pregnant until three days ago.”


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