Cat woman Mary Bale is spoofed on Twitter and Youtube


Mary Bale has become the butt of jokes for internet users after being spoofed on Twitter and Youtube.

More than 275,000 people have watched CCTV footage of a lady being dumped in a wheelie bin by a man dressed as Sylvester the Cat.

The hilarious Youtube clip, which has been online for just TWO days, has 700 comments and is fast becoming a viral sensation.

And the Mary Bale Twitter account, in which she posts a string of blunders, has a attracted 12,000 followers in the same period.

A prankster made the page on Wednesday after shock CCTV footage emerged of Bale, 45, dumping Lola the cat in a wheelie bin.

Spinster Mary, a bank cashier, faces prosecution by the RSPCA after the four-year-old Tabby was trapped in the bin for 15 hours.

But the Twitter account called CatBinLady has become an internet sensation with 14 posts about other make-believe ‘’split-second misjudgements’’ in her daily life.

In the first post on Wednesday afternoon she writes: ‘’Just passed a shoe shop. Threw one of the sample shoes outside on top of a bus. Why do I do these things?’’

Later she Tweets: ‘’In Tescos now. I’ve put some frozen sausages in with the cereals. They’ll probably go off. I draw no pleasure from this.’’

Another states: ‘’No.35 hasn’t taken her milk in. Really feel like pouring it through the letterbox for her. What am I like?’’

She adds: ‘’Just kicked the head off next door’s gnome. For a joke. Who’s laughing now though? Not me. Not me.’’

A sixth post on Wednesday evening states: ‘’Just realised I’ve still got the black ball from the social club pool table in my coat pocket. Don’t even know why I wanted it.’’

Later that night Mary tweets: ‘’Took the rubbish out. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d swung the bag round and flung it over the fence. I think it’s in their tree. WHY?

‘’I should turn in for the night. Bless you, you’re all so understanding. Not like next door.’’

The next morning Mary tweets: ‘’Lovely coffee at Brenda’s, but as soon as she left the room I couldn’t help tipping it down the back of her telly. Regretting it already.’’

After a trip to an art gallery Mary posts: ‘’If they don’t want people to do what I’ve just done in the gallery, they shouldn’t sell pens in the gift shop. Sat on coach now. Bit lonely.’’

The most recent tweet ten hours ago states: ‘’Her across the way came looking for her wind chimes earlier. I told her I didn’t have them. I don’t. They’re on her roof, where I threw ’em.’’

Mary has a computer at her terraced house in Coventry, West Mids., which she uses for ‘’research’’ but she does not have a real Twitter account.

It is believed that she will return home later this weekend from her mother Celia’s house half-a-mile away where she has stayed since Monday evening.

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