Trainee vet nurse Sam Michael, 26, with cat Phileas Mogg, pictured at RSPCA Bristol Clinic, after he traveled 250 miles trapped inside a car engine. The driver suspects Phileas may have been trapped under the bonnet for four days and traveled more than 250 miles through two countries, along two motorways and through a car wash. See SWNS story SWCAT; A mischievous cat spent four days trapped under a car bonnet travelling more than 250 miles – including through a CAR WASH. Colin Woodward thought he heard meows coming from his car but when he checked under the bonnet he couldn’t see the pet. He set off from his home near Crewe, Cheshire, spending the following days driving to Wrexham in Wales and then Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. But when he parked up at a friends house near Bristol – four days after leaving home – he once again heard a faint feline cry from his car’s engine.

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