Cash-strapped UB40 star puts his £1.65million mansion up for sale

Cash-strapped UB40 guitarist Robin Campbell
Cash-strapped UB40 guitarist Robin Campbell

Hard-up UB40 star Robin Campbell has put his £1.65 million MANSION up for sale, it was revealed today.

The cash-strapped guitarist put the six-bedroomed house on the market this week and admitted that he had ‘spent all his money’ on restoring the 15th century country pile.

He moved in to the Grade-II listed Walsh Hall, near Meriden, West Mids., 17 years ago when he bought it from ELO legend Jeff Lynne.

The plush former manor house has four bathrooms, a gym, stone Tudor fireplaces and even boasts its own tennis court.

Campbell said that he had purchased the rural retreat, which sits in 4.8 acre grounds, to escape the attention of curious fans in his native Birmingham suburb, Moseley.

He said: “It wasn’t private enough any more.

“There were people camped outside and peeking through the hedges.

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for a house this far out but it was difficult finding somewhere close to Birmingham that was private.

“You can’t imagine the amount of work until you start.

“If I’d had any idea I think I would have probably run a mile. I had a crew of up to ten different workmen at different times working on stuff here for a couple of years.

Walsh Hall in Meriden, West Midlands, which Campbell  has put up for sale for £1.65 million
Walsh Hall in Meriden, West Midlands, which Campbell has put up for sale for £1.65 million

“I’d been touring for the last four years so I took a break and spent all my money on this giant house.“

The move comes just over a year after it emerged most of Campbell’s fellow bandmates – including brother Ali – had gone BANKRUPT.

Sax player Brian Travers, drummer Jimmy Brown, trumpeter Terence Oswald and percussionist Norman Hassan were also declared bankrupt in November 2011.

Campbell himself escaped the same fate as his five reggae supergroup bandmates after he struck a deal over his debts.

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for financial firm RSM Tenon, which handled the bankruptcy proceedings, said Robin Campbell had made an arrangement with creditors.

He said: “I understand Robin has done some sort of deal as part of the proceedings, so no longer owes any money.

‘‘This could be something like re-mortgaging his house.”

Campbell also said that the house was ‘too big’ for him and partner Luci Crossman since his children had moved out.

He said: “It seems a bit silly for two of us to rattle round in.

“It is more than 7,000 square feet. We could stand at each end of the house, scream our heads off and not hear anything. It is lovely but it is really a family house.

“I’ll miss it because I have put so much into it. I have had nearly 20 lovely years here.

“But I have had my time here and I am quite happy to move.“

Campbell said that he paid for the house in cash when he bought it from Jeff Lynne in 1995.

He said: “I got our office to ring him in Los Angeles and made him a cash offer,“ he recalled.

“I said I had to know that day because I was off to Europe the next day. He phoned back and said `yes, fine’.

“That was it. I bought it over a weekend.“

UB40 formed in 1978 and notched up 50 UK chart hits, including a number one cover of Neil Diamond’s ‘Red Red Wine’.

The also enjoyed two huge number one albums in the UK – Labour of Love in 1983 and 1993’s Promises and Lies.


  1. AS Robin and Luci have both stated the house is huge and the related costs to just 2 people living in it are ridiculous. It is a stunning property though and I personally know how much work went into making it the home it is today. Its just a shame that people have to use the ‘bankruptcy’ tag as the reason for its sale.


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