Cancer mum’s dying wish is for bullies to stop falsely labelling her son – a PAEDOPHILE

David Broom, 51, and his mum Faith Broom, 73 (Lewis Clarke / SWNS)
David Broom, 51, and his mum Faith Broom, 73 (Lewis Clarke / SWNS)
David Broom, 51, and his mum Faith Broom, 73 (Lewis Clarke / SWNS)

A terminal cancer patient says her dying wish is for cruel bullies to stop calling her innocent son a PAEDOPHILE.

Furious Faith Broom accused cruel gossips of adding to her pain with the intimidation and false allegations against 51 year-old David, who lives with her.

She said David, her full-time carer, has never being convicted of any offence yet people living nearby have taken to calling him “paedo” and “nonce” in public.

Earlier this week Faith said she feared for his safety when he was intimidated by a group of men outside their home in Tiverton, Devon

Faith, 73, who has breast cancer, said David was ‘a total gentleman’ and all she wants to do is make sure he will be okay when she passes away.

The mother-of-four said: “I was diagnosed with breast cancer a long time ago but I don’t believe in chemotherapy and up until now I’ve been okay. But I’ve always said I won’t be the victim, I will fight this cancer.

“By the time I die, I just want to make sure my son can live in safety. I want him to be left alone.

“I will do whatever it takes. If they persist in slandering my son, I will go to court over this.

“He has never had a criminal record in his life, he looks after me full-time as my carer and I couldn’t ask for a better son.”

Faith said she couldn’t understand where the accusations have come from.

The pair moved to Tiverton, Devon from Exeter 17 years ago and until recently had lived there peacefully.

She added: “I don’t know why they are saying it, it’s not true and it’s very damaging.

“Someone I usually speak to didn’t say hello to me the other day. It’s upsetting but I can’t help but think it is because of what people have been calling David.”

David said: “They are just being plain nasty but I can’t let this drop, what they are calling me is just the worst thing you could say about someone.

“It is so derogatory. I work hard for the community voluntarily sweeping the streets, I enjoy walking around and speaking to people and seeing the area clean.”


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