Campaign to stop sex shop opening next to school uniform store launched


A campaign has been launched to stop a sex shop opening next to a store selling – SCHOOL UNIFORMS.

Residents say the new shop – selling adult clothing and sex toys – should not be located near a school outfitter.

Officials at ‘Mrs Palm Limited’ have submitted plans to open premises next to the school shop in Truro, Cornwall.

But Vicky Trevail, manager of uniform sellers Trevails, said she was shocked at the ”distasteful” application.

She said: ”We don’t want something like that next door. We’ve got young children coming in probably from the age of three up to 16 or 17.

”We’re in a nice street here. I mean live and let live – but put it somewhere else.”

Parent Siobhan Ward said: ”I’m not happy at having to go past a sex shop when I go to take my children in to be measured for their uniforms.”

Braxton Reynolds, a spokesman for Mrs Palm Ltd, said the application in the area was appropriate.

He said: ”Concerns have been strongly expressed about what might be seen by passers-by in the window.

”But the standard rules apply to all such establishments is that nothing that will cause offence can be displayed.

”The shop front will be discreet and window displays limited to clothing and other non-offensive items.”

Cornwall Council said it would not comment as the application had not yet been heard.


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