Camouflaged bollards cause cyclist to crash


A council was condemned today after ‘camouflaging’ this set of white bollards along the white line of a cycle path – causing bikers to crash into them.

Camouflaged bollards cause cyclist to crash

Cyclist Ian Redmond, 56, a biologist, smashed onto one of the bollards, which blended perfectly into the white line marking the edge of the cycle path and footpath.

The lecturer split his lip open, cut his forehead and sustained heavy bruising on his hand and thigh when he fell off his bike and onto the concrete path.

He is now calling for council chiefs to remove the ”public menace” bollards, which he fears will cause serious injury to other cyclists and pedestrians.

Ian said: ”I’ve cycled on the route for more than 25 years and there is no need for bollards to be put there. I just can’t understand it.

”The bollards are solid cast and painted white so in any conditions of limited visibility they are perfectly camouflaged against the white line.

Camouflaged bollards cause cyclist to crash

”As a biologist, I am familiar with cryptic colouration, which works well for Arctic hares and polar bears, but I’d never considered it a suitable characteristic for traffic bollards.”

Ian, from Stroud, Glos., bravely continued his journey on to sign up student volunteers for The Ape Alliance, the charity he chairs, at Bristol University’s Biology Society.

He had been cycling from Bristol Parkway railway station to the university’s Zoology building when he hit the bollard on the cycle path close to the Ministry of Defence base.

The biologist added: ”I slammed into the bollard and went flying off my bike. I split my lip open and cut my head, I was dripping with blood afterwards.

”My scabs healed quite quickly, which was lucky, but I am really concerned about other people using the path, especially now it is icy and snowy.

”It seems crazy to paint the bollards white, any other ones I have seen are painted with different colours so that they stand out.

”I was kindly helped by a MoD security man who told me he had seen a couple of children having exactly the same accident. It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.”

Camouflaged bollards cause cyclist to crash

South Gloucestershire Council are now taking action on the bollards and will fit reflective plates and coloured strips to prevent others hitting them.

A spokesman said: ”The bollards were installed in response to requests from passengers travelling between the Ministry of Defence and Parkway and Abbeywood stations, to help safely separate cyclists and pedestrians who use this path.

”It is planned to add high-visibility reflective plates to either side of the bollards, plus two contrasting colour bands, to help them stand out even more clearly.

”These additional measures will be added as soon as possible.”


  1. Try looking where you are going. Then you won’t run into stuff. Besides, it is only a problem if somebody is riding directly in the middle of the path, causing the bollard and the line to line up just right. Everybody knows it is rude to ride in the middle of the path, taking up the whole thing. If this guy had been riding on one side of the path like he was supposed to, then he wouldn’t have it the bollard.

  2. No matter how hard to see they are … its still dumb to have bollards at handlebar height … they would be just as ‘effective’ if shorter, and would be much less likely to grab a handlebar … that is assuming they are needed at all.

    How many roads do you see with poles sticking up from between the lanes every 20m? None? Thats right – because cars would be just as likely to hit them as bikers are!

  3. “”It is planned to add high-visibility reflective plates to either side of the bollards, plus two contrasting colour bands, to help them stand out even more clearly.”

    Well, if they keep making decisions of the quality of the one that but metal posts on a bike path I’m guessing the “high-visibility reflective plates” will have sharp edges and be mounted end on.

  4. poor chap. loving the witty pop relating to polar bears. frigging daft council. cyclists r vulnerable n exposed, special consideration must b given 2 their safety. ppl in cars take note also, UR IN A BIG METAL BOX- U SAFE! b nice.


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