Cameron egg student branded stupid by mum


A 16-year-old student who threw an egg at David Cameron is facing expulsion and branded ”stupid” – by his own MUM.

Trainee bricklayer Tyler Dixon, 39, hurled the egg at Conservative Party leader Cameron as he gave a speech to youngsters at his college.

Dixon was quizzed by police and released without charge but his stunt saw him land in immediate trouble – with his mother.

Mother-of-two Dayle Dixon, 39, of Plymouth, Devon, branded her son stupid and said he has been warned he could be expelled.

She said: ”He might think its funny to throw eggs at people but he won’t be laughing if he’s thrown his future down the drain.

”I had no idea he was going to do it or why he did it and he hasn’t told me what it was all about. I think he was just showing off to his mates to be honest.

”Where he got the egg from I don’t know, he must have sneaked it out the fridge before he left home.

”I’ve told him it was a stupid thing to do and that he may have cost himself his future if he loses his place at college.

”We are waiting to see what the college says but he could be expelled. He’s certainly in big trouble with me

”I know people do silly things when they are 16 and try to look cool, but this was just stupid.”

Dixon hurled the egg at the Tory chief during a question and answer session at Cornwall College in Saltash, near Plymouth.

The egg partially cracked as it hit Cameron’s back before it shattered on a party aide and landed on the floor

Tyler was arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace but Devon and Cornwall Police later ”de-arrested” him because no damage was caused and no complaint was made.

A spokesman for Cornwall College said: ”We are extremely disappointed that the actions of one student marred this otherwise excellent opportunity to engage students in the election process.

”The college is following normal disciplinary procedures and it is an internal matter.”


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