Cake fan Kurt Harrison who has d’eclair-ed himself disgusted when he went to eat a raspberry turnover – and found a piece of BOILED HAM and a short, black, curly HAIR inside. See Ross Parry copy RPYCAKE : Bemused Kurt Harrison’s dessert drama started after his sister bought the family a teatime treat from Morrisons supermarket. But instead of satisfying their sugar rush, the Harrisons were left shocked by the piece of piggy in the middle. NHS worker Kurt said: “As I cut into my cake I was shocked to see a piece of pink coloured meat hanging out from beneath the pastry. “When I opened it up to inspect it, there was a piece of ham lying in the middle. After scraping the cream off to be positive it was what I thought it was, there was also another smaller piece of ham rolled up with a black hair sticking out from the middle.

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