Kerry Rochford (34) with her son Jackson (2). Jackson Rochford (2) who has such a rare skin disease he is unable wear SHOES. See NTI story NTISHOES. Two-year-old Jackson has a genetic condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB), which causes severe blistering and TEARING of the skin at the slightest touch. EB is also known as ‘Butterfly Disease’ because sufferers’ skin is as delicate as butterfly wings. The most minimal of physical contact can cause gaping wounds to form and in some cases internal tissue and organs can also be affected. It means Jackson can’t wear jeans, shoes or any rough materials as these make his skin peel and chafe. Jackson’s mum Kerry, 34, often receives disapproving looks and comments from strangers in public who notice the tot’s sores and her daughter Lily-Rose (11) wants the world to know she isn’t a bad mum.

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