Bust what the doctor ordered: Boob job cream launched


A miracle cream which increases a woman’s boobs by half a cup size goes on sale on the high street tomorrow.

Rodial’s product promises to plump, firm and lift boobs by as much as 2.5cm if applied daily for 56 days.

The revolutionary Boob Job gel works by blocking fat cells as they travel round the body.

Rodial suggest the £125 gel is best applied to the breast in gentle circular motions until it is fully absorbed.

Celebrity fans include Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook.

Boob Job goes on sale in John Lewis tomorrow morning.

A spokesman for Rodial said: ”We are extremely proud of the ‘boob job’. It will revolutionise thousands of women’s lives.

”We wanted to offer every woman a fast and safe alternative to expensive and painful breast enlargement surgery.

”A small, disproportional bust can deeply effect a women’s confidence, especially now when larger breasts are the height of fashion but with the ‘boob job’ at home treatment you can discreetly but dramatically increase your bust size by two and half centimetres.

”Every year thousands of women take the plunge and have surgery to achieve the cleavage they’ve always wanted, but Rodial boob job offers a larger cup size without the need for surgery.

”When applied daily for 56 days, the chest area will not only be plumped, but will be firmed, lifted and the skin will be repaired, leaving you with a décolleté fit for the red carpet.”

The main active ingredient of boob job is based from a natural phytosterol, which is derived from an Asian root extract that has no hormonal activity and works on the skin and the layer of fat beneath.

It has unique ingredients which stimulate fat cell differentiation – which is the process by which normal cells change to specialised breast cells and growth and production of cells.

The ingredient also promotes lipid storage leading to an increase of adipocyte volume in the fatty tissue.

* Boob Job is available from www.rodial.co.uk for nearest stockist.
Price: £125.00 for 100ml



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