Businessman pays private detectives £10k to find killers of daughter’s pet cat


A wealthy businessman has paid private detectives £10,000 to help track down sick thugs who killed his daughter’s pet cat.

The 55-year-old, who does not want to be named, told how his daughter was left devastated after yobs shot her young black cat Farah.

The family spent £3,500 on emergency vet fees, but 18-month-old Zarah suffered an agonising death caused by internal bleeding and septicaemia.

In a bid to seek justice, the businessman hired an investigation firm to make inquiries into the incident.

The man, from Exeter, Devon, said: “My daughter was devastated and no dad wants to see that.

“This is mindless cruelty and bullying. Evidence clearly shows that many young people who hurt animals, hurt human beings in later life.

“I appointed a private investigation team because it became clear that the police were not prepared to investigate the incident, and, just as worrying, nor were the RSPCA.

“I know the police are busy and I know they have suffered budget cuts but society can’t just go on ignoring this kind of thuggish behaviour.

“I would never advocate vigilante style behaviour but it is clear that society is fed up to the back teeth with anti social behaviour, bullying and downright thuggery that the police forces in this country now seem either powerless or unmotivated to investigate and prosecute.

“If to try and make a difference it takes a few wealthy people to act in support of the majority, then I will quite happily spend what it costs.

“In spite of spending £10,000 on the investigation, surveillance work and creating a contact route for residents to talk about their troubles, there is still no willingness from the police to interview the suspects.

The private investigators have retrieved the pellet that killed the beloved pet and have identified four suspects.

They have also plotted a number of incidents, all within 800 metres of a suspect’s house, which involve the shooting dead of animals.

His daughter, 23, who lives in Exeter, said: “My cat’s name was Farah, as in Mo Farah. She was only 14 months old when she got shot and died.

“What frustrates me now, over and above the fact Farah was shot, is that nobody will be held to account and the lack of action from those who should be doing something.”

Her dad added: “I now have four clear suspects’ names and addresses and yet neither the police nor the RSPCA want to know.

“I’m absolutely livid and it is just this kind of inaction that leaves thugs on the street without fear of being called to account.”

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Police continue to investigate this incident of cruelty to a cat, and are liaising with the private investigator to establish whether any information they have can assist the police.”


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