Freddie the goldfish in his bowl. Burglars with a guilty conscience saved the life of a pet goldfish – after they smashed its bowl as they raided a family home. See NTI story NTIFISH. The crooks forced their way into the property of Monica, 47, and Lance McGill, 49, in Wollaton, Notts., between 11am and 9pm on November 28. They snatched a HP Compaq laptop from a table during the break-in and knocked a glass bowl containing goldfish Freddie on to the floor in the process. But rather than fleeing the scene, the thieves had a change of heart and safely placed the pet in the kitchen sink after they filled it with water. Mum-of-three Monica said they were stunned to find Freddie splashing around in the sink after they returned home to find their two laptops and cash missing. The family are now appealing for the safe return of the items – which contain sentimental photos of their children growing up – and have offered a £300 reward.

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