Bungling school workmen need spelling lesson


These bungling council workmen could do with a spelling lesson – after painting the word ‘SHOOL’ on the road outside a primary school.

Contractors omitted the ‘C’ when they daubed ‘SHOOL KEEP CLEAR’ outside the gates of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School in the Lawrence Weston, Bristol.

It was hoped the wording would ease school run congestion – but has caused hilarity among parents and local residents.

Staff from Bristol-based Prestige Line Painting – which is contracted by Bristol City Council – returned a few days later to burn off the ‘S’ and replace it with ‘SC’.

Council spokeswoman Julia Dean said: ”It was a contractor error. As soon as it was recognised the council made sure it was corrected.”

The writing was laid down on Saturday along with yellow zig-zag markings following complaints about ”chaotic” parking during the school run.

Resident Pam GcGreevy, 73, who has lived in the road for 45 years, said: ”I didn’t realise they had spelled it wrong until someone came out to have a look at it on Monday.

”Only time will tell if the new road markings work.”


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